In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, it's never been so important to engage the next generation in policy discussions about how we navigate the future. 


YAIA is delighted to unveil our latest program, the Policy Lab, which provides a unique platform for young Australians to contribute fresh perspectives and innovative policy solutions on policy issues facing Australia and the world. The Policy Lab aims to capture dynamic ideas and promote vigorous policy contestation at a time when it's needed most.  

The Policy Lab houses two initiatives - Policy Briefs and Policy Pitches. Policy Briefs are considered explorations of particular issue, providing both an overview of the problem and outlining specific policy recommendations. In contrast, Policy Pitches capture short, snappy policy ideas presented in an engaging video format which are designed to prompt (and shake-up!) policy discussions.

For further information about these initiatives, please contact policy[@]youngausint.org.au.


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