Olly is completing the final year of a Bachelor of International Relations with a Diploma in Mandarin from La Trobe University in Melbourne. He is the sitting President of Two Birds One Scone charity at La Trobe University which aims to promote sustainability by reducing food waste, with ambitions to expand the charity across Victoria and the country.    

Olly has travelled to Taiwan twice under the Government’s New Colombo Plan scholarship, as well as interning in the education sector in Beijing within the first cohort of Victorian students to experience the Study Melbourne Language and Internship program. Olly has moulded his degree to suit his interests in China and more broadly the Asian Pacific region, often framing his research around developmental and cultural studies. He has been studying Mandarin for over 5 years and has a strong passion for cross-cultural communication.

China Fellow


Mason is an early career policy analyst and program manager with strong interests in global health, international relations and development. Currently living in Indonesia as part of the Hamer Scholarship program, Mason is undertaking intensive language studies and building his network in-country. Meanwhile, he maintains strong links with the University of Melbourne, continuing to advance his professional interests, particularly around the development of regional health-security networks and the design of collaborative programs in both Australia and across the region. Mason has a passion for the governance of complex issues through translational research and policy development, with experience in infectious disease management, security sector reform and nuclear disarmament.

Indo-Pacific Fellow



Jeremy is a policy officer in Canberra, and has worked in areas such as communications, international policy, defence and economics. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with degrees in Arts, Political Science and Arabic, and is currently studying management at the Queensland University of Technology. He has studied in Canada, France and Israel and undertaken volunteer work in Syria and Israel. He is currently the Social Media Editor for Quarterly Access and serves as a medic in the army reserve.

International Trade and Economy Fellow 


Caitlin’s passion for European foreign policy embraces academic analysis, think tanks, and the public service. Based in France, Caitlin has just completed a Master in International Public Management (Summa Cum Laude) from Sciences Po in Paris. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honours) from the University of Melbourne, specialising in Politics and International Studies. Her Honours thesis tackled the prevailing paradigm dictating EU foreign policy – whether internal cohesiveness is necessary for the EU to be effective in its external actions.

Caitlin has demonstrated her strong interest in European foreign policy through an internship at the Australian Embassy in Berlin where she completed detailed research about Germany’s energy transition, women’s workforce participation, data protection, and Europe’s migration policies.  

Caitlin has previously completed internships at UN Women Pacific and  the Australian Institute of International Affairs. She is also a committed student of French and German.

Europe and Eurasia Fellow


Melb BD.jpg

Emmett is based in Melbourne, and is currently studying a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne, focusing on International Security, primarily looking into the ways terrorist and drug trafficking organizations develop and sustain their activities.. He previously completed a Graduate Certificate in Politics and International Studies from Melbourne, and a Bachelor of Arts (Writing) from the University of Canberra. He is currently an intern with the Australian Institute of International Affairs, and volunteers with Somos21, a group focusing on developing Australian-Latin American business networks. In addition to this he serves in the Army reserve as a Combat Engineer, and previously worked with the Australian Public Service Department of Education. He speaks fluent Spanish and is currently studying Mandarin.

International Security Fellow


Andrew is a Dean’s Scholar and graduate of the University of Queensland, where he gained a Bachelor of Arts (Hons Class I), with majors in International Relations and Spanish. His Honours thesis mapped the progress of China’s Belt and Road initiative, and the political and economic forces driving its development. Andrew has since worked as a research assistant for UN Women, and presently as a research assistant at the United States Studies Centre, within the University of Sydney, where he focuses on technology, innovation and workforce issues in the US. He is an avid consumer of US politics and has a keen interest in US foreign policy, particularly as it pertains to China and the broader Indo-Pacific region. He has travelled the US extensively, and aims to study there in the future.

United States Fellow



Euan is currently a Masters of International Relations student at the University of Sydney. He holds a Bachelor of International Studies from Macquarie University, and has also studied at the Global Studies Institute at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. He currently serves as an analyst on Australian foreign policy and international institutions for the online publication Foreign Brief, and has interned with the Lowy Institute as part of their Pacific Islands Program where he published regularly on the Institute's blog, The Interpreter. His core research interests include international institutions, the Pacific Islands region, international environmental governance, and aid and development. He also has a keen interest in human rights, for which he has been invited to join the United Nations Graduate Study Programme at the UN Office in Geneva to work with UN officials and study global human rights frameworks.

Australian Foreign Policy Fellow


Tess Van Geelen is a final year law student at Queensland University of Technology, and recently completed a BA at the University of Queensland. Tess is a 2018  New Colombo Plan Scholar. Under this program, she has investigated regional governance of transboundary watercourses in South Asia while based at Kyoto University in Japan, and is currently investigating disaster-driven migration and displacement at the University of the South Pacific in Vanuatu. Tess will also continue her Mandarin studies at Peking University in Beijing later this year. Tess has presented research in Japan, Melbourne and the Philippines on topics including the protection of wetlands, international securitisation of climate change, and the relationship between human rights and a healthy environment. Tess has also worked on sustainable development and agriculture projects in Uganda and Kenya.

Climate Change and Energy Security Fellow



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