Our Fellowship Program was launched in January 2015, aimed at promoting the voice of the next generation of Australian  thinkers in the analysis of international affairs. The program is designed to attract leading young Australian analysts and scholars with a record of high professional and academic achievement, outstanding skills in research and analysis, and demonstrated interest or experience in the Fellowship area to which they apply. 

We are most interested in applicants’ ability to write thoughtfully, their talent for bringing unique perspectives to contemporary issues, and their commitment to publishing high-quality analyses regularly. As such, whether you are an undergraduate student, or early- to mid-career professional with postgraduate studies, research, government, or think-tank experience, we highly encourage you to apply if you have the above credentials.

Over  6 months, Fellows regularly research and contribute articles to be published online by Young Australians in International Affairs on our blog,  Insights. The Fellowship Program is open to Australian citizens and permanent residents between the ages of 18 and 30.  


Fellowships are unpaid, non-resident positions, and Fellows do not have to be based in Australia to apply. We strongly encourage women and First Nations and culturally and linguistically diverse candidates to apply.  Check out our current Fellows.  

Applications for our July-December 2022 Fellowship Program are currently closed.


Our next intake will open in October 2022 for our January-June 2023 Program.

Young Australian's in International Affairs also considers ad-hoc writing submissions outside of our Fellowship program. Feel free to send through your writing to publications@youngausint.org.au

One Fellowship is usually offered in each of the following areas:

  • Indo-Pacific Fellow

  • China Fellow

  • United States Fellow

  • Pacific Fellow

  • Australian Foreign Policy Fellow

  • Middle East & North Africa Fellow

  • Europe & Eurasia Fellow

  • Latin America Fellow

  • Cyber & Technology Fellow

  • Climate Change Fellow


I am interested in applying for a Fellowship but I am not sure if I have enough experience or expertise.

What do you look for in applicants?  

We welcome applications from all Australians aged 18-30. We encourage you to apply  whether you have a postgraduate degree and significant publishing and research experience, have worked for a number of years for a research centre or think tank, or are a current undergraduate student or intern. 

Keep in mind that the Fellowship program is  designed to attract leading young Australian scholars and experts with a background of high academic achievement, outstanding skills in research, written  communication, and demonstrated interest or experience in the Fellowship area to which they apply.  

Do I need to be based in Australia for the duration of the Fellowship? 

No, Fellows do not need to be currently based in Australia. 

I am not an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Am I eligible to apply for a Fellowship? 

No, unfortunately you are not eligible to apply for a Fellowship.  

Can I apply for more than one Fellowship? 

Yes. Applicants can apply for a maximum of two Fellowships but must submit separate applications for each Fellowship, including separate writing samples and tailored cover letters. Please note that we will not consider your application if you fail to submit two separate applications. 

I want to apply for a Fellowship but there isn't one that covers my research interests. Will you change the Fellowship areas in the future? 

While we only offer a limited number of Fellowships,  we consistently review the areas of our Fellowships, which may evolve  in the future. If there is not a Fellowship that covers your research interests, we accept submissions on a range of topics on a rolling basis for  Insights. Please check how to submit an article for Insights